Update:Oritsefemi And Shina Peller Shade Each Other


The fight that broke out at Quilox nightclub on Friday, November 11, 2016 between Singer Oritsefemi and a bouncer simply identified Illyasu is still causing a lot of accusations and counter accusations.

While Oritsefemi is claiming he was assaulted by the bouncers at Quilox,the club has vehemently denied Oritsefemi was assaulted.Instead he was the aggresor in the case.

The club released a statement to state their side of the story earlier saying Oritsefemi did not reserve a spot neither is he a patron at the club-the only two premise with which he could get into the club.

However,the artiste approached a patron and pleaded to be accomodated. The said patron agreed with the understanding that his(Patron)other guest will join him as soon as they arrive.

Contrary to this,the club claimed that Oritsefemi who was said to be drinking from the patron’s bottle disregarded the gentlemanly agreement by inviting eight of his guest to sit at the table.This ultimately led to the arguement which got a bouncer involved.

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The situation doesn’t appear settled and 48 hours after the fight, Oritsefemi took to Instagram to throw a shade at Shina Peller, CEO of the nightclub with the post below.

The only Shina we know is …sir Shina peters…?

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Peller, who is currently on vacation in the UK, has now responded with a sub of his own with a post which simply reads, say no to drugs and violence.


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So far, both camps have released contradictory statements narrating their version of what led to the fight.

As far as we know at demosha.com,it is Quilox’s word against Oritsefemi’s

Read the statement by Quilox HERE

If you have not seen Oritsefemi’s statement,you can  read it HERE.