Tiwa Savage And Her Estranged Husband Back Together


Tiwa Savage and her estranged husband,Tunji Balogun maybe ready to put their ugly break up behind them and mend fences.

There are strong indications that singer, Tiwa Savage and her estranged husband, Tunji Balogun, may have decided to retrace their steps by initiating re-conciliatory processes aimed at patching up their marriage and start all over.

The gossip mill is already spinning stories that the couple has been making moves to make up after a stormy breakup that generated so much noise in the mass media a couple of months ago.

Evidence that critics have been watching the celebrity couple closely emerged on Wednesday when a popular Nigerian blog reported that Tiwa and her husband had been attending a counselling clinic somewhere in Lagos.

The report also insinuated that the couple were seen attending an event together on one occasion.

If this is true, it means that the celebrities must have made up their minds to push their differences aside and rekindle the spark in their relationship. This is by all means good news to many fans of the singer, who have privately wished for a development of this nature.